Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Untitled by sirens_idyll
Untitled, a photo by sirens_idyll on Flickr.

People are probably sick of these progress shots by now. lol

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You don't have to like it

You don't have to like it Feb 2013
I've spent a very long weekend holed up in my home with my family. They call it snowmageddon and there's a reason for that. In central CT we received a good 35-40 inches of snow. This is not including snow drifts. I haven't seen a winter like this since I was four and I lived in Queens, New York. That. Long. Anyway, all this free time has allowed me to revisit my old love of paint and collage. My schedule normally is so tight with all of my normal responsibilities that pulling out the paints and other goodies I like to create with is just not possible. (A girl has got to sleep and if you're wondering, I'm not doing much of that either.) So, for this small reprieve I pulled out all the goodies and whipped up some pages using tried and true techniques that have molded my style in the past. I'll be back to the easy peasy world of ink/fountainpen and watercolor soon enough.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pretty, Ugly or Real?

Pretty, Ugly or Read Feb 2013

Leave it to the mouths of babes to bring up a subject that makes me blog.  My daughter wondered whether or not the use of magazine images and the "pretty stuff" she seems to like when we go to Michaels makes her journal something other than an art journal.  This seems to be echoed theme and topic lately in forum threads, twitter feeds, Facebook updates and Flickr accounts. 

For the sake of my daughter and anyone else who reads this blog, here is what I think and what I wish for you to take away from here:

Art journaling is about finding a satisfying , personal creative outlet.  How you choose to express it is up to you. Whether you use commercial papers, stencils, embellishments or you create them yourself the only thing that matters is what you think of your own work. I never want my children to feel that their way of expressing themselves is "less" than another person because of the presence or lack thereof of any element or style in their journal.  

While there is nothing wrong with being part of a community and finding encouragement in a groups feedback, remember that most of the time true fulfillment creatively comes from taking what is inside of us and finding a way express it visually.  At times this means that you're going to do things that are not current or trendy.  It may mean that people won't get it or like it. The question is: Do you like what you do?  Would you still do it even if the only person who ever saw it was you?  Are you creating for yourself or for an audience?  

Understand that while there is nothing wrong with a creative person profiting from their ideas or style, the motivation behind what one puts out for a commercial endeavor is different than what we create for our own personal enjoyment.. Personal expression is just that - personal.  Don't allow anyone to make you feel as though your version of expression is less authentic but in that same vein, refrain from judging or labeling another person's choices.  Their path and evolution is their own.  Encourage and appreciate the diversity but feel comfortable with the differences. I think if you can find that level of comfort in yourself it won't matter if it's pretty or ugly, process or product. All that will matter is that it is real and that it is all You.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2013

February 2013 by sirens_idyll
February 2013, a photo by sirens_idyll on Flickr.

Still messing around with different types of journals. Nothing makes me happier. Watch this space more stuff to come.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Office art

Office art by sirens_idyll
Office art, a photo by sirens_idyll on Flickr.

So, Tammy @ daisyyellow.squarespace.com was talking about office supplies and as we all know I love me some office art. Well, due to the discussion, I decided to make a little office art using some of my favorite things. Ballpoint pen, black fine point sharpie, hi-lighters and the ever popular whiteout pen.

Jan 2013

Jan 2013 by sirens_idyll
Jan 2013, a photo by sirens_idyll on Flickr.

Another quick portrait illustration. Watercolor, pencil and ink is my favorite combination.

Doodling January 31st 2013

I forgot my planner at work today. What's a girl to do?