Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You don't have to like it

You don't have to like it Feb 2013
I've spent a very long weekend holed up in my home with my family. They call it snowmageddon and there's a reason for that. In central CT we received a good 35-40 inches of snow. This is not including snow drifts. I haven't seen a winter like this since I was four and I lived in Queens, New York. That. Long. Anyway, all this free time has allowed me to revisit my old love of paint and collage. My schedule normally is so tight with all of my normal responsibilities that pulling out the paints and other goodies I like to create with is just not possible. (A girl has got to sleep and if you're wondering, I'm not doing much of that either.) So, for this small reprieve I pulled out all the goodies and whipped up some pages using tried and true techniques that have molded my style in the past. I'll be back to the easy peasy world of ink/fountainpen and watercolor soon enough.

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