Monday, March 23, 2009


The pain pounds above my left eye. It throbs insistently, trickling slowly down the side and filling the well below the socket. I am working but really I'm not here. I'm floating, my mind sort of resting against the possibility of sleep. I've grown so very tired. Which is nothing new but still irritating and annoying all the same. The weather is just barely beginning to warm up. There are soft murmurings of spring everywhere. Bright cloudless skies where your arms can expand and warm themselves against the sun stretch out as far as the eye can see. If you put on a fleece jacket and sit very still, you can close your eyes and hear the sweet breeze beckon the sleeping flora out of their shells. "Come out, come out" she sings and their sleepy little heads begin to peep out of the damp rich earth that has protected them from the cold heartless hand that is winter. The world around me is slowly awakening - the rebirth has begun.



Lara said...

I'm sorry about your pain. I hope it dissipates and the contrast between it and the beauty of spring.
I love reading your blog. Not only is your art amazing but your writing is as well.
xo lara

Mariposa said...

There is no better compliment than that. Thanks you Lara. :) My headache is faintly humming now so I'm a lot better. Spring is almost here, I can't help but smile. :D