Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To connect or not to connect ....

What would happen if you shut off the phone and disconnected your computer/laptop? What if the T.V. was on the fritz and your cell phone stop offering text messaging or twitter pic uploads? What would you do then?

I'll tell you what I would do and for the sake of simplicity and honesty here, I'm gonna lay it out there.

  • I'd have more quality time with my children.

  • I'd have more time to clean.

  • I'd have more time to do art

  • I can be more active outside

  • I can take more photographs

  • I can create photography assignments for myself and my daughter

  • I can read more

  • I can decorate my home.

  • I can garden

  • I can do more art.

  • I can journal more

  • I can take long walks.

  • I can discover the state that I live in.

  • I can spend more time with my spouse.

  • I can discover something new.

12 years ago I had no cell phone and I barely had an Internet connection. It wasn't very important to have one and if you wanted to get a hold of me you'd have to wait. Oh yes, that dreaded word. The world had to wait, was expected to wait. If you had to notify me of something you either left a voice message on my answering machine or you would mail me a letter. People were allowed to have lives. Instant describe more the type of coffee you drank, not the speed of communication. The Internet is a fantastic tool and a cell phone is a wonderful invention. Both have their place in my life but sometimes, it takes over what you are until you are left with nothing at all. So, for the next few months, I take back my time. I encourage you to take back yours as well.

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Wendi said...

(I realize it has been some time since you have posted this, but all the same:)

HEAR, HEAR!! Awesome! Thank you so much for posting this...

I just found your videos on youtube, and then found your blog here. Thank you for the inspiration...ALL of it!
:o) Wendi