Tuesday, September 14, 2010

State Of The Union

I have a confession to make. I’m web 2.0 illiterate. Okay, well perhaps I’m not really that illiterate on the networking front. How about I’m allergic to it? That just sounds terrible doesn’t it? I know it does to my eyes as I read it. Words have always been difficult. Not in terms of expressing myself. I’m good at that. I have a vernacular that can go on for days. My problem is that even for all of my outgoingness, I’ve always been someone inside of my own head, keeping my thoughts and innermost feelings encapsulated in an air of aloofness that all but proclaims, “Nah, it’s all good.”

Words are difficult because they make the expansive ideas on my head small and invalid. I can’t fit everything I feel and think in a paragraph or two or hell, a novel for that matter. I’m not sure how this came about. As a child I loved writing in diaries and as a tween, I use to write elaborate stories in a composition books with my cousins. Then things happen (like parents invading your privacy and others belittling your literary efforts into non-existence). This has all but carved my path on the creative front. I am more comfortable expressing myself in a creative manner that doesn’t involved words, than I am speaking or writing. This is probably why my art journal entries are less words and more art. A small quote and a meaningful visual create a secret language of the heart that only I can decipher. The fact that people can feel and relate to something in that nature is a bonus. I mean is that not the reason we interact on the world wide web?

But getting back to my point.

I’m a horrible at networking and this is something I need to work on. I have intentions of swimming in more turbulent waters artistically and begin selling my artwork. This is both an exciting prospect as well as a frightening step toward gaining confidence in my creative journey. I cannot do that though if I do not create an online presence. The business of Art, as they like to call it, is a necessary evil and one I know I need to master. The problem is, I don't want to create what is a hard sell. Do you know what I am talking about here? I know I hate it when I feel that people are only trying to sell my something. It turns me off. There are a few people I’ve stopped following because of this. I want a sincere connection with someone and I wish to convey that as well but how do I do that?

*SIGHS* See where I'm getting at? In the end, the visual is great but to connect to the artist you need the words. Words are the bridge you need to tie the experience together. It is what allows the reader and watcher to say, "I get it, I get you" and once that happens, you're on your way to truly saying something.

So, I’m here to say to you dear reader this: Perhaps you’ll see more of me around. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, I hope you connect to it on some level and that you take this journey with me into the unknown.

Cause you know, I need someone by my side to help me read the map since the last time I went left on twitter, it took me months to find Blogger again.

Such is life. Live it.


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Kelly Light said...

I really wish you all the best with everything, your art is wonderful. I saw one of your pieces on the Art Journaling Ning and then through that saw some of your other bits on Flickr. I could easily favourite them all! I wish I was in the US so I could purchase one of your originals!