Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Journal's Manifesto

Spring is here
My journal is ephemeral by nature. It waxes and wanes with each phase of my life. It is mercurial in it's temperament. It is a journey that claims a destination before one is actually found. By its very nature it is transient - betwixt and between the thoughts that compound themselves in my mind.  It is a snapshot of a moment and that moment is fleeting, fading the moment it has come into being and gone before one can truly register and reflect on it's existence.  This then is the crux of my mission when I journal. To quickly record a visual representation of my thoughts and feeling and to add words that then give a key to my personal code.  Later on, if I choose, I can then go back and reflect on the moment or close the book on it and move on. In the end it is all the nature of life that we are in constant flux and so why should our journals not be the same as well?  Let them patina with time and display the signs of wear and tear.  I want my life to be well lived and so why not my journals as well?
Don't worry about what will happen when you've reached your destination. Instead, why not enjoy the journey?


Daisy Yellow said...

yes, yes, yes. enjoy the journey, enjoy the process, enjoy the words and the colors and the shapes and the texures...

Mariposa said...

Enjoy being and strive at becoming but never worried about what it should be.