Saturday, December 29, 2012

Latest Obsession

mosaic_12_29 by sirens_idyll
mosaic_12_29, a photo by sirens_idyll on Flickr.

The past six / seven months I have been concentrating on simplifying my creative process. Ink, graphite, a swipe of watercolor has been the recipe for my recent pages. I also find myself battling between illustrative and a more realistic approach. It's become frustrating but that's the point where you push harder. Make ugly and sit in the ugly for a while and still continue to create.

Not an easy road but a deeply satisfying in the end.


Michelle said...

These look incredible, both individually and as a collection. I can totally relate with the concept of simplifying; I'm tired of being overwhelmed with possibilities. Thank you for the inspiration!

Jazmin A said...

Thanks, Michelle! I'm cyclical in what I use. Mostly because of my work and lack of time. Simplicity helps me create whenever and wherever. Although it can at times feel like I'm stripped of artifice when I work in this manner. I appreciate you stopping by!

Jonathan "Blade" Manning said...

Several months ago I decided the same thing. I am down to silver point, graphite, charcoal, spray paint, acrylics, and watercolors. :)