Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The right frame of mind.


I have been reading this book called, "Drawing on the right side of the brain, which was highly recommended by an artist friend of mine. It is fascinating and validates some of the feelings I had about not being able to, "see," what I wanted to draw.

In that book, they discussed how children easily tap into the creative or visual side of the brain but eventually our creativity is destroyed by a careless remark or uninterested teachers. Which I find to be true and sad. There are so many variations of art and some art is there to celebrate you, not to hang in some museum gallery. Plus, who is to say that your art in another thousand years will not be considered something of great worth or value? Art is subjective, art is expressive, art is well, art.

With this very enlightened view (and with the blessing of my artist friend) I went into a local chain discount store and bought up 10 8x10 canvases (at $1.99 a piece you just can't beat.) I think I will encourage my children (or in this case my daughter since my son is too busy reading about dinosaurs.) to paint, paint, paint! Paint it, marker it, glue it I just do not care! At the price that the canvases were going for, I say why NOT allow your children to freely express themselves and then hang their artwork. Validate their creativity! Why delegate the refrigerator as the place to put children's art. I say, give it the respect it deserves and hang it in their rooms, hang it in your living room, heck, let the newest piece have a place of honor on a pretty blank wall in your hallway! Think of what message you are sending them:

You are valid, your art is valid.

And that is my wisdom for the day.

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Brahdelt said...

Encouragement and appreciation are very important and your kids are going to love you even more for that! Triple arm pump for the wise mothers! *^v^*