Wednesday, February 6, 2008

*hangs head in shame*

I've been ignoring you, little blog and I apologize! My fingers have been busy creating art, working on new journals and etc, etc, etc...

I have so much to share, so if you're tuning in, I suggest you go do a load of laundry and come back so you give your browser time to download all the images. All set? Great! And away we go!

I decided to try out some new techniques. There is a young lady on the net who goes by the name of ink_smear. She has these lovely melancholic journal pages that I just love. Unfortunately, I cannot be melancholic to save my life. I'm not sure why but my angst ends up being too bright and colorful to be anything more than a passing whine on the, "get over it" train. Nonetheless here is my attempt. I was feeling pretty blah that day.


See what I mean? GREEN not any green mind you, oh know, bright spring green! *sighs* I give up, I'm going back to my happy little world.

Anyway, in that fiasco, I ended up messing up some of my moleskien pages and they fell out. Well, I just taped that sucker back up with some packing tape and we were back to new.

Martyr Day
Link to YouTube Video

Taking a break from the journal, I decided to make an attempt at using my own photography in my artwork. I have more pictures than I know what to do with and I was sure I would be able to find some use for the ones that don't make it to the album.

Again, experimenting and while I semi-like the results, I still found it too piecey. Need to find some cohesiveness in my work.

So, I decided I needed a larger canvas to journal on and went to borders where I found some amazing "scrapbook" journals by their Paperchase line. The paper is what I like to call, "paper bag brown" and are thick making them perfect for visual journaling. I've been so inspired by the size and look of the journal that I have been on a journaling spree since the 2nd. Here are all the pages up till now: (click on the thumbnail to see the larger image)

artjournal_2_03_08 artjournal_2_03_08_1 artjournal_2_04_08_1 artjournal_2_04_08_2 artjournal_2_04_08_3 artjournal_2_04_08_4 artjournal_2_04_08_5 artjournal_1_5_08 artjournal_2_05_08

Whew! That will teach me to procrastinate posting again!

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Brahdelt said...

I love all your pages in this new journal! I found it much easier to work in a bigger notebook than the first one I had, maybe the size does matters after all?... *^v^*
Ad don't regard your ink page as not good - I love it! It expresses some strong feelings, even if it's not similar to the works of the ink-smear girl. It's yours and it's good! =^v^=