Monday, March 3, 2008

Circus Runaway


There are days where I would like to run away with the circus. Funny enough I never wanted to run away with them as a little girl. As an adult... well that seems to be a different story. :)



Brahdelt said...

Have you see "Mirrormask"? It's about a girl who wanted to run away FROM the circus. *^v^*
I've been a great fun of the circus themed paintings recently, although I don't like going to the circus at all! I like your Pierrot girl. ^^

Anna said...

Thank you for commenting! Your blog is really awesome, btw. :) love the page, it's gorgeous.

Ariana said...


2 Worlds said...

You make beautiful pages

studioodd said...

great page! I have had the same thoughts on occassion.. never seems to be a circus in town though LOL

Ariana said...

Your blog is like home to me. I come here more than you.

Mariposa said...

Brahdelt: I have not seen Mirrormask, unfortunately. My experience with the circus was magical and wondrous. As an adult it was lack luster and sad. I wish I could go back to the eyes of a child sometimes.

Anna: You're very welcome. Thanks for the compliment! :)

Ariana: Consider yourself a permanent house guest then. (My hija tiene el mismo nombre, con la excepci├│n de una extra "n")

2words Thank you. :)

studioodd: Ha! The circus comes to town two times a year. It's funny because on of those times is always around my b-day.

Patricia J. Mosca said...

I can so totally relate!! Wonderful journal page!! Came here by way of Suzi Blu...I will bookmark it now!!