Monday, April 28, 2008


This is what I want.. to catch the whimsical -- that sweetness and elegance in being simple and bright. I want to capture translucent light that filters through gauze and the playful breeze that billows through trees. I want to hear my song sing itself in that way that only I can decode. I want to be female. Strong but soft, bold but subtle. I want to be succulent and warm to the touch. I want to be simple yet complicated, layered like a good plot in a book. I want to be something more, something else and yet be me.

I want to be this. Achieve it to be it is what I say but I hold back and I wait. I need to stop looking for the start gun to go off and just go.

I want my heart song... in gentle defiance of what people think it should be.


1 comment:

Ariana said...

You have got a way with words. They have so much passion, emotion and depth. I should have known, your art work speaks in the same language. MUA!