Thursday, August 28, 2008

The world turns...

My job ends on the 31st. I admit both relief and anxiety are both warring inside of me. I will be going back to school briefly to gain some certificates in the field I am working in but with that, I am also expanding the possibilities of what could be artistically for me. The road is curving ahead and I cannot see where it goes.

I guess that is part of the journey itself.


Anonymous said...

I'm an art teacher who is at a school that cannot access YouTube. Would it be possible for you to send me some of your sketchbook video to show to my class? I really liked "The Art Of Journaling" videos... My email is if you can send it without links to youtube.
Thanks so much.
J Pighin
Art Teacher

Anonymous said...

So, I'm guessing it'd be asking entirely too much for some in depth deets on your life now, hmmm?

Paper Cat Designs said...

I definitely think you ought to do something with your art! I know how it is to be pegged into an 8-5 career you have absolutely zero passion for. Embrace the curves in the road for you never know how much pure joy awaits you when you make the turn!

Cheers! =D

Linda said...


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