Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rain Forrest Dreams

My world is a lush haze of green. Everything around me is soaked, wet and growing. The earth is greedy and why shouldn't it be? It's been denying itself for months now, sleeping soundly underneath the snow and ice. There are moments where I am overwhelmed. There is too much stimulation of the senses and I feel the need to shut it all out. I'm alright with the world around me. I may have my moments where I rant and rave about this or that but all in all, I'm okay. There is a school of thought where people feel they must force their happiness. I just recently posted over at twitter that, "Happiness does not barge into your front door. It's too busy waiting for you to invite it in." All I hear around me is, Goddess this and Sacred that. You are worthy, follow your bliss, listen to your heart and move without inhibitions. Dream big, dream small, dream not at all. So much to listen to, so much to aspire to, so much that it becomes too much all together.

Shut off the stimulation. The grandiouse gestures, melodramatic sentiments. Move past the sincere aspirations and miraculous synergy that you wish you were apart of. For one moment, sit in silence and be okay with the world. Understand that you cannot control anyone but yourself, that satisfaction is found in the simplicity of your happiness. That validation at times is the moment of your greatest sorrow. Be okay with the silence. Perhaps you might find what you're looking for after all.

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