Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rain, rain go away

Monday, 18th 2009The rain is incessant. It is like a quarrelsome woman for lack of a better stereotype. It refuses to lift its skirt and give anyone a peep of sunshine and quite honestly I am sick of it. Too much of anything can become burdensome and I am quite overdue for some bright sun and blue skies.

Today is the first day of gorgeous weather in some time. The sun is beginning to color everything summer and I find myself envying the life of a cat. I, too want to curl up in a ball by the window and warm myself to a lazy stupor. Alas, humanity claims my innate ability to stretch myself to oblivion and instead I find myself at work.

Recently, I utilized all the free space I have in my walk-out basement and made a little make-shift studio for myself. I have a ton of storage drawers that I use to house my art supplies but they were taking over my living room and worse yet, I wouldn't get any art done because I didn't want to hassle of having to put everything back. My basement is nice and dry, has a lovely large window that lets natural light in and I thought why not place a little set up there? I bought a 6 foot folding banquet table at home depot, threw a table cloth on it and tada! A studio was born.

arttrade_5_14_09 In the Midnight Hour 5_13_09

What a different it makes to have a designated space to make art! I have found myself going downstairs in the evening and just creating for an hour or so. I have the kids small table down there as well and they come down to paint or draw as well. I have started art journals with both of them and it feels good to have a place where I'm not telling them, "be careful! Don't get paint on that!" Freedom is a wonderful thing.

I started up my large art journal again. I love creating on such a big space. I'll have more to share soon. Until then, enjoy the sun.

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