Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sparkly rainbows and gumdrops am I


I started a new journal. Well, started in the usual ways I start things, which means that I have two or three in the process of being finished right now. In an attempt to be a little more autobiographical (I'm never good with "writing" things down in my art journal, which is why I let my imagery speak for me.) So, I decided to make the writing more like a short but cryptic snippets of the thoughts in my head at any given time. I should warn you that sarcasm is a huge part of my internal monologue. Oh wait, you'll figure that out for yourself, real quick. Never-you-mind.

(Other pages in this journal)

1. 07_31_10, 2. 07_30_10, 3. 07_28_10, 4. 07_29_10

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