Friday, August 6, 2010

State of Emergency


The title for this page came from the fact that I was listening to Bjork's Joga on continuous repeat the whole time I was drawing.

Once again, I found an old sketch to redo and refashion. I took three days to complete it and am pretty happy with the result although let me tell you, the process was flippin' fantastic too. I redid the girl in acrylics, then her face with colored pencil. The background though was where I got stuck. What to do? Keeping that in the back of my mind, I decided to tune into Blade (The Artistic Biker's) Ustream when I began to doodle Mehndi designs with my micron pen. I got so lost in the process that I didn't even realize I had spent two full hours just doodling various designs against the teal background of my newly painted muse.

A prompt for your own page: When you journal, take your sweet time. Take not one but two or three days to complete. Do it in stages. Fill every corner with something small, new and interesting. Then let it sit for another day or two. Then look at it, does it feel done? Then it probably is.

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Mariza said...

I love the idea of taking your time on a page! I have the problem of wanting to complete them as quickly as possible. :)