Saturday, March 3, 2012

The art of Inspiration

A question was made on twitter by @RitaHCobbs about what inspires us and I replied that in order to do the question justice it would have to become a blog post because 140 characters would not cut it. So here I am, making a blog post about it.

The problem is that now I've lost the essence of what I wanted to say. Typical really. My mind goes a thousand miles a minute. Where the words flow with eloquence and poise now they move like sludge making its way to the underground never to be seen again. SIGHS

So, dear reader, I am going to begin again. Take a few deep breaths and center myself as I remember last night when I was reminded of this very question.

Moments inspire me. They link together to form a chain of memories that become a connection to my inner voice - the unique viewpoint of my creative self. They are not marked by momentous occasions or events, although they can be. Most often than not, they are the small but precious moments of human life where everything balances in such harmonious perfection. A moment in which you are taken out of yourself to experience the now in a manner that seems hyper focused and surreal. The moment can be short live, perhaps a few seconds that stay with you for the rest of your day or a number of hours that you wish would go on forever. In any case, I find it is these small moments of pleasure that inspire in me the desire to recreate the moment for me and the feelings it sparked within me. Last night as I arrived at my home it had begun to snow. The air was fairly warm making it comfortable to stay outside and watch the small flakes fall, biting against my cheek. All I could think was the perfection of that moment – to be able to experience something so lovely that it immediately became more than visual in my head. Dark midnight blue skies, the white snowflakes as they wink in and out with the soft golden glow of the street lamps. The snow falling against me was a spark of glittering ice as it made contact with my skin. I can see this so vividly that I moved to create it on canvas or more expediently in my journal where I can capture that moment of wonderment over and over again until my ideas on the subject are spent.

So to answer the question; this is what inspires me: the human experience. You just have to be smart enough to stop and pay attention to it.

What inspired you?

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