Monday, March 5, 2012

Photography Circle: Cameras, Cameras, Cameras

One of the things I truly enjoy doing is talking to my art friends on how we approach different mediums. It's amazing how the same tools translate very differently from person to person. It is this fantastic dynamic that has inspired me to collaborate with two other artists, all uniquely different in their vision to talk about one of my favorite mediums: Photography. More specifically how we use photography in our journaling. From March 5th through March 9th, Less Herger from Comfortable Shoes Studio, Traci Bunkers and I will be discussing our own personal views on the subject with a three part blog hop (or circle as we like to call it).

March 5th: Cameras, cameras, cameras – Will be discussing the types of cameras we enjoy using and why.

March 7th: Process, Create, Alter - Our discussion will continue with the different ways we choose to alter our photos. What type of programs allow us to alter our photos to fit our vision.

March 9th: A picture is worth a story and then some – In this last segment we'll touch upon the various ways we've incorporated our pictures in our journals.

So, I hope you will join in our discussion and show us your ways of using photography creatively in your journals.

I have three cameras that I use. They all have their pros and cons and work well in different situations. I will only touch upon the types of cameras I use but when it comes to cameras there are so many choices that it is hard not to find one that will work for you.


My big investment was a Canon Digital Rebel XSI.  This was a huge jump from my point and shoot because now I had complete control over my camera. This requires forethought on my part. To think through what it is I am going to take a picture of. When this camera comes out, it's about creating a moment instead of capturing one.  I see photography as a artistic medium.  Creating a moment (as I did above) means orchestrating the scene in a picture to convey the emotion and story in your head. I have a number of lens with this camera.  I have a zoom lens, a fixed focal length lens (50 mm) and a lens baby which is a tilt shift lens.

Point and Shoot: 

 My first digital point and shoot camera was a Kodak 2mp easy share camera. It was only capable of printing out 4x6 pictures but from the moment it came into my hands I fell in love with it. This camera was artistic freedom. I no longer had to wait to see my pictures or worry about wasting film if I didn't get the shot right. It was instant gratification at its finest. Nowadays the type of camera you can get for less than 130 dollars is impressive. They are thin, sleek and compact and even take video as well!  I currently use a Canon powershot 12mp point and shoot.  I use this camera as a backup to my cellphone camera and since it records 1080 hd video, I film videos with it as well.


 I have an android smart phone and to say that this little device changed the way I take photos is an understatement. As smart phones become more sophisticated their cameras become better. My phone currently boasts an 8mp rear facing camera which is pretty amazing considering that it is, in fact, a phone. I can see why they say that the point and shoot cameras have taken a hit in terms of sales. Why have a point n shoot when you can have pictures of comparable quality come out of a phone? It is one less thing to carry around.

The best things about smartphones when it comes to photography are the many applications (apps for short) that are available for free or a small fee. From vintage to faux lomo photography, you can find an app that can alter and change your photos in a way you'll find pleasing.  This currently my favorite camera because of ease of use and availability.  It is always with me and so I rarely miss an opportunity to take a photograph.

But this is only my way of using my cameras.  Hop on over to Less Herger's and  Traci Bunker's blog to see how other artists use their cameras.

Next:  What types of programs we use to alter our photographs.

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