Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Journaling or not?

A lot of what I do, I consider as just creating art. While there might be some message or feeling behind what I do, it is not always auto biographical. I feel safe showing it on here because what you see is more of what I enjoy to show. I love the visual journals of Traci Bunkers. ( They are very raw and honest pictures of her life. I admire her bravery of displaying them for the world to see and judge but it also brought to mind my philosophy on art journaling.

I like to think that I have an art journal, that is, that I enjoy creating art in a journal on a daily basis. It is a chronicle of my process and progress and a good coffee book when I am done! ;)

What I would like to have is a visual journal, to many of you there is no distinction but to me there is. A visual journal in my eyes is just that. A personal journal of your life that you express with more than just words. To me it is different in that the former is a chronicle of my artistic endeavors while the latter would be a chronicle of my life, my thoughts and my journey as a person. It's a bit more personal and makes me feel more vulnerable.

I am thinking on it, only because I am of the idea that it is important to have a heart outlet, a place to let it all out without fear of repercussions or judgment. A place to look back on and reflect and even learn from.

I enjoy sharing my art journals, they are part of my process but I believe I might have to keep a visual journal as well for the purpose of having a place to expel thoughts and feelings and then stick it under the bed for another day.

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