Monday, November 21, 2011

Heads up and other words of mystical wonder

I'm going to be trying something new since this poor journal is so neglected it served me with divorce papers.

It is my hope that I can share with you some of the things that inspire me as well as my own work and thoughts on the whole creative process. Currently, I have a number of lovely creative endeavors that make me feel great. Writing (which I never and I mean never do enough of), visual journaling, fine art and crafting (which again, I do not do enough of).

Hopefully I will keep this up and then my poor blog will be happier for it.  So, keep on the look out as it is my hope to begin a certain pattern of posting that will allow me to do so with more frequency. Then again, you just never know, I might fall on my face and you'll get to come along for that ride as well.

I remember when I first was introduced to the world of visual journaling I was hungry for information. I scanned and viewed every youtube video, read every blog post, joined creative artjournaling communities on livejournal and tried to gleam from every journal "process" video all in an effort to learn and grow as I embarked on this creative journey. At the time there wasn't as much information available as there is now. There were no on-line workshops and in order to experience it you would have to have the time and money to attend on in person. This made for a lot of experimentation, exploration and discovery on my end. Eventually, people figured ways to make their teaching ability pay online and before you knew it, workshops were popping up everywhere. Now, do not get me wrong, I'm not anti-paid workshops. I believe they can be a great way to expand your knowledge in a nurturing environment of like-minded people. I just feel that we need to remind those who are just starting out on this journey or whom may not have the resources to shell out 30-60-90 dollars for a workshop that they can do it on their own too. There is a plethora of free information out there that will start anyone who is curious about this type of journaling on the right path and keep them there for a good long time. So, this is where you will see the bulk of my posts going to.

So, if you're new, welcome. If not, welcome. At the end of the day my house is open to you and your curious mind.

I hope I don't disappoint.

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