Thursday, November 8, 2007

*cough, hack, wheeze*

The whole day was spent napping and running around to doctor's offices in order to take care of the little one. If I could take her illness onto myself and allow her to live free of that burden, I would.

I used my scanner to do a progress pic of The Muse Guardian canvas piece. The colors a bit off but there you have it.

I am letting it sit for a day or two while I recuperate, giving my brain time to sort of breathe and concentrate on something else before I go back to it. I need to find some sea glass and shells. I wonder if my dollar store has that? Hm.

I started sketching my next piece, I think I'm going to name it, "Gitanita" which would translate roughly to, "Little Gypsy." Sort of feeling out where I want to go with her as well but I should go back to my art journal and do something that is quick and freeing in terms of my hands and ideas.

Thinking of buying some new inspiring books and perhaps invest in some liquid acrylics. They are expensive though, so that might have to wait.


Brahdelt said...

I work in the same way - I paint a bit and then leave it for a while to grow on me and bring me new ideas to finish the painting. I like the way you placed all the paper layers, it gives a nice texture.
Liquid acrylics are the best! *^v^*

Mariposa said...

I find I just need to get an idea out and I sketch it, then it gets put away for a while. *chuckles* I have an idea of where I want to go with the piece but it's still not clear and I like to at least have a clear direction before I proceed.