Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am enjoying just creating simple colorful backgrounds with water soluble oil pastels and then drawing over them with graphite pencil. I did a glaze of white over their faces to create more definition and I do like the results. Being that I have 18 6x6 canvases coming my way, I might do a series like this.


Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised with was the journal I used for these past few drawings. Usually if I try to gesso a cheap or even an expensive lined journal, I find that the paper buckles and curls. But this journal that I got this past winter from a local dollar store has laid, flat, flat, flat which is FABULOUS (so glad I have another ten journals :P)


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iHanna said...

Jazmin, thanks for the visit in my blog and comment! :-) What a nice place you've got over here! How fun to draw on a painted background like that!