Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I've got art around here somewhere....

So, I've been busy (my family is visiting for a week) Plus a lot of upheaval at my place of employment. (Someone want to give me a push in the artistic life direction? The damn paycheck is keeping me from realizing that goal.)

While I try to get my artist self back to former fighting glory, I insist, INSIST, that you check out my two friends. Both of them known in my real life. They can actually track me down and stalk me if they want. (A bit scary, I know.)

The first is my art guru mentor, Mr. C. He just opened up his new blog over at


If you want to get to know a working artist who has lived and learned and shares as if his life depended on it, then you need to go read his blog. Say hello! He'll be quite pleased if you did.

The second person on my must read list is my sweet little baby bear, (We shall call her BB for short) She is witty, hilarious and very, VERY sweet. She is the cream in my coffee or is that the coffee in my cinnamon flavored cream? (hahah)

Her blog is found at: http://lendmesumsugar.blogspot.com

So,go say hello, tell them I sent you and hopefully I'll be creative really soon!

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE shameless plugs!