Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daisy Yellow: Building a Rainbow - 5 Days of Color: Aqua

Welcome my color sentinels of the watery deep.  I am here once again to host a color for day three of our Building a Rainbow Challenge hosted over at Daisy Yellow. When you're done here, check out the Daisy Yellow blog to see my partner in crime for today, GREEN.

My entry for this color:

Oh, AQUA , How I love thee.  You are the color of my dreams floating in the ether. You are the waters of the Caribbean that beckons me in fantasies and the the patina of ancient stories that like to play out in my mind. I draw you out in intricate scrolls and elegant sweeping flourishes.  You are the roar of the sea as it crashes upon the shore and the cool smooth porcelain of my favorite tea cup. You are clam and serenity and my affection borders on obsession at times.  I might stray and find myself in the playgrounds of other colors but to you I will always return.  I just can't help it.

Do you love a color in this manner?  Let me know.

1. {121/365} aqua, jodi aqua, 2. Free Little Girl in Turquoise Sea Creative Commons, 3. aqua crinoline hazel atlas teacup, 4. aqua metal, 5. Aqua, 6. Aqua door - Trinidad, Cuba, 7. turquoise bricks, 8. Tiny Flowers, 9. I'm All Alone & It's So Cold, 10. aqua fence, 11. Aqua Skies , 12. Aqua, Green Wreath, 13. Rusty Bell, 14. Orange Koi ~ Turquoise Tile, Um Hmmm!, 15. i don't sleep, i dream, 16. purple martin

This is one of my favorite journal spreads from the lovely Ms. Juliana Coles. Her use of aqua with lavenders, greens, and sepia colors makes me think of an Atlantis where the sun dapples the watery deep.

The Swimmer


Daisy Yellow said...

You are indeed the goddess of aqua. Any description of a color with the word "patina" melts my heart! Thank you for being the hostess of aqua and for working hard to build a rainbow together.

Carlene Taylor Simmons said...

I love watching nature documentaries and seeing that lovely aqua water. I think you have inspired me to do aqua as well as green.

Mariposa said...

@Daisy Yellow: Patina. If I could explain my preferred aesthetic, the one I continue to comeback to time and time again. Whether it be in my words, photos or how I art it would be patina. :D Now to work on the infamous hardball - White.

@Carlene: Oh, I would love to see what you do. This is one of my favorite color combinations. :) Thank you for stopping by.

tina's space said...

Oh my! You have truly captured aqua; a clot I love and always forget I love!

tina's space said...

That should say color not clot!

EVA said...

Wonderful colour!! Love your page and Juliana's too.

Your fish is magnificent!

Mariposa said...

@Tina Hee hee and aqua clot. Now it's in my head and it's all your fault! ;-)

@Eva - Thank you! I really like how my fish came out as well. I love the colors.