Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Technique Spotlight: Paper dying / staining

Many times we get so hyper focused on the community that surrounds us that people tend to forget that there is a larger art community out there with an amazing wealth of knowledge waiting to be shared. Places like Deviantart can be an encyclopedia of information when it comes to art technique. Most if not all offered up for free.  The next time you are stuck or wish to experiemnt and learn a new medium, check out sites like Deviantart and see if you can search and discover a few nuggest of wisdom that might take your art in a completely different direction.

Our technique spotlight for today comes from Deviantart and features a few technieques for aging and dying paper.  This is a great way to create unique and orignal collage papers for you to use in your art or art journals

How to Dye Paper by `hibbary on deviantART

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