Thursday, December 8, 2011

Daisy Yellow: Building a Rainbow - Five Days of Color: Salmon

Hello everyone and welcome to the five days of color challenge hosted by Daisy Yellow.  Please be sure to check out Tammy's blog as she is the hostess for my partner color: Pale Pink.

Salmon is an interesting color as it seems to meander between pink and orange.  If you go one or two steps too far either way on the hue chart, you'll have missed that combination that makes Salmon  what it is.  When I think of this color, automatically my thoughts run into memories of summer.  Coconut oil and tanned bodies warming themselves under the noon day sun. It is the color of the Caribbean as you walk past colorful houses brightly painted in cheerful brights that make them look like delicious candy.

For this color I thought I wold revisit something I have no done in ages; Digital art. The amazing thing about digital collage/art is the myriads of things that are at your disposal.  You can literally create anything your mind conjures up without having the limitations of materials on hand. 


Some inspiration via Flickr:

1. Salmon Colored Buds, 2. Turquoise and Corals Wrap Bracelet, 3. Salmon Lucite Dahlia Cabochons, 4. Raindrops on poppies and whiskers on kittens..., 5. Painted Mural, Cordoba, Spain, 6. Salmon, 7. salmon rice bento, 8. chiyogami paper and salmon coloured resin bangles, 9. Simple Swirl Earrings, salmon, 10. Wall of Cafe Laurent, 11. IMG_7110, 12. Salmon, 13. To Draw You In ..., 14. Salmon?, 15. Gerbera daisy with raindrops, peach color, contrast enhanced, 16. salmon-ish chair


1. Try your hand at something different today.  Do you usually go for your watercolors; then why not try acrylics?  Do you continuiously buy pre mixed colors (like craft paint?) Well then why don't you try your hand and mixing colors to find the perfect shade of pink or salmon?

2. Find colors in unsual places.  Grab your camera and pay attention to the world around you. Can you find the color of the day in your surroundings?

3. Why not add a little hidden note about what the color reminds you of. A small piece of poetry, prose a simple list and then add it to your artwork/journal page in an inconspicuous place.

Make sure you add your links with your work for this color over at Daisy Yellow. :)

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Kathleen said...

The digital colaage is interesting. I like the varied pieces and parts you put together. However, I LOVE the salmon Flickr! All those salmon colored photos look terrific.